For me, building a great instrument requires more than the application of my knowledge and skills to the materials that I begin with. It is an evolving process where I must blend the best elements of contemporary design, function and traditional craftsmanship. Each time I build an instrument, there are new challenges that come from the specific design and materials that I am using. These modify the routine processes of guitar making and change craftsmanship into the art of building a fine, unique instrument.

There are many elusive characteristics that define a fine instrument. I strive for rich quality, evenness and flexibility of tone, tonal reserve, superior projection and ample volume.

In addition, my instruments must be uncompromising in their structure, details and finish. They must satisfy their owners by being beautiful objects and beautiful performers.



O'VADKA GUITARS are individually hand made for serious musicians and professionals according to the principles and techniques proven by master builders. They are uniquely constructed by DAN O'VADKA using the best materials and finest craftsmanship of the luthier's art.

It's the sound quality that makes the difference to the discriminating musician. DAN O'VADKA makes classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitars having exceptionally good sound quality as well as beautiful construction. There is a sense of wonder and joy when you first run your fingers over your new O'VADKA Guitar.

Instruments are made to order according to individual specifications of the artist. Construction time when made to order is 3 to 6 months. Dan also specializes in Amplifier building and repairs. 

Call Dan for Prices @ 765-472-2235 or Email Dan O'Vadka